[PREMIERING 8pm ET] Kash Patel: Strategy Backfires for Clinton Associates; Fusion GPS Emails Reveal Disinformation Play

“You can’t say its attorney-client privilege, and then sneakily have it sent out to six different media outlets because you want that story, that narrative … out in the mainstream media.”

The defense strategy for ex-Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann is backfiring, says Kash Patel.

While Clinton associates including former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, campaign manager Robby Mook, campaign lawyer Marc Elias, opposition research firm Fusion GPS, and tech executive Rodney Joffe have jumped into the fray to issue pleadings asserting attorney-client and work-product privileges, special counsel John Durham “completely destroys them with their own work,” Kash says.

In this episode, Kash and Jan break down what’s in John Durham’s latest pleadings, the judge’s order, the defense’s filings, and the stunning misfiled emails between Fusion GPS and members of the media—which were erroneously publicized without redactions.

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