No Survivors So Far From Chinese Plane Crash

It’s the second day of emergency efforts, following the Boeing plane crash in China. Rescuers have found no signs of life, despite the aircraft’s 132 passengers and crew.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has NATO on high alert. But will Russia stop with Ukraine? The U.S. and NATO caution to prepare for the worst.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is scrambling to boost its share price, with a $25 billion move. But the problem goes far beyond market value.

And for those watching our full episode—

A Chinese bank seized $2 billion from real estate giant Evergrande. And with the money gone, experts say the firm won’t be able to pay back its foreign debt.

And economic pain in Hong Kong is forcing authorities to loosen the region’s zero-COVID-19 policy. That’s despite the city facing its worst outbreak yet.

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